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The Cream For Cellulite – Which Even Celebrities Like Kim Kardahashian Cant Avoid

Easily Choosing From Revitol Creams

Revitol-anti-aging-kit-300x300Daily beauty and aesthetic routines are often heavily focused on by people at various stages of their lives. Many parts of the body are more complicated than others to manage when considering what is necessary for ensuring the most appealing and refreshed appearance. Anyone that is focused on this particular issue should know the fundamentals of choosing from Revitol creams available at their nearest cosmetic surgery clinic.

Eye creams are typically associated with the ability to ensure aging signs and dark circles are eliminated. People often discover that Revitol eye cream has become a major brand within this category of cosmetics and are overwhelmed with where to begin when making a choice. Filtering through all variations is performed with a great deal of caution.

Consumers focused on this brand are offered a multitude of variations to use on their eyes. People are usually unaware of how to make sure their needs will be fully met with any particular solutions that are available. The right choice is easily made when several ideas are fully weighted.

The specific needs that one might have should be an initial focus. Many consumers suffer from dark circles while others deal with increased wrinkles and bag size which can require unique formulas. Most products are clearly listed with what they are most appropriate for to help consumers make their choice.

The ease in which the product is used should also be carefully focused on. The manner in which the product is used can play a major role in avoiding the issues that arise with complicated implementation routines. All instructions should be read through prior to making a viable choice.

Pricing also receives a large amount of emphasis when trying to make the right purchase. Paying for products within any cosmetic need can be challenging when considering limited budgets. Low prices that are charged for the largest quantities and fastest results help create a great deal. For more on this or other anti aging treatments such as liposuction and botox visit

Top 3 Facial Cleansing Techniques

cleansing tipsWhen it comes to cleaning your face properly, it’s easy to leave behind oils, dirt and dead skin cells if you don’t know how to clear them away. Here’s a collection of top 3 facial cleansing techniques to really make sure that those unwanted sources of bacteria leave your complexion clean and smooth all day long.


Number One – The Natural Method


People have been using fruit and vegetables as moisturizers and facial scrubs for centuries. The natural properties contained within the foods are great at fighting bacteria, clearing signs of oil build up and leaving your skin feeling hydrated and soft to the touch. Any fruits and vegetables will do; as long as they can be ground up or squeezed to form a soft lotion. A good idea is to squash a banana and mix it with a handful of crushed grapes and then gently massage it in to your face. The grapes contain antioxidants which can clear away bacteria and toxins, while the banana contains potassium which is a great nutrient to rejuvenate skin cells and can also be found in products like some of the best wrinkle eye creams in Australia .


Number Two – Cleansing from the Inside


There’s nothing quite as effective at getting rid of bacteria like doing so from the inside. The cleansing process will work in the same way as a detox, but the only thing that you’ll need to do is to drink more water. 3 litres a day instead of the recommended 2 litres can help your body to control the amount of oil that it produces and as a result, you’ll have much less oil making its way out of your facial pores and on to your skin.


Number Three – With Professional Products


Companies like Avon specialize in products that contain natural ingredients with the intention of cleansing your skin properly. By applying a gentle cleanser, toner or moisturizer, your skin can look and feel the smoothest that it has in a long time. As the chemicals are entirely natural and water based, you’re combining the benefits of both number one and number two above and rolling them in to one super-effective cleansing technique that’s guaranteed to give you the results that you’re looking for.

Get your Make-Up on Trend This Autumn

make up tipsGet your Make-Up on Trend This Autumn


As Halloween creeps up on us so does the fast approach of autumn, and we all know what that means; brand new colour trends for the up and coming season! Right now, every fashion conscious lady is waiting with bated breath to find out what the on-trend colour palette will be to match our already brimming seasonal wardrobes, but the wait is over as you can finally get your make-up on trend this autumn with us!

Minimalist Metallic

Whether you add a touch of glitzy gold, beautiful bronze of shimmering silver, the most minimalistic metallic make-up is hot right now.

To wear it:

Simply add bright shimmers to your inner-eye or color match your lids to your lips to get the full effect.

Raucous Roses

Think perfectly pink, really red and overtly orange and you’ve got an idea of the raucous roses on offer in this autumn’s pallet.  Pick the most vivacious pure bubblegum, contrasting pillar-box reds and blush to pumpkin oranges to really embrace autumn.

To wear it:

Use soft oranges on your cheeks, bright pinks on your lips and sweep red on your eyelids to really shine.

Classic Cobalts

Classic shades of blue can be scary to wear, but they really do feature heavily in the autumn make-up trends of 2014. Cobalt blues have the ability to both be bold and electric and totally blend-able, matching well with so many colour options and styles.

To wear it:

Be bold with strong electric blue liquid eyeliner, simply chill out with a wash of navy on your eyelids or add some stunning colour with banging blue lashes.

This year, the autumn make-up trends are all about being either fresh-faced and shimmering or bold and color blocked with either strongly lined or sensationally swept eyes and oh-so-fearless lips. Remember to team all of your looks with big, spidery lashes and you’ll soon be the pick of the autumn bunch!








5 Basic Skincare Rules

5 Basic Skincare RulesEver wondered what skincare products to use? What products do you really need? Everyone needs a skin care routine! So let me tell you everything you need to know before you start your basic skin care kit!!!

P.S Makeup Worn listed below and sorry if my voice sounds weird here….

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Make Up Worn:
1. Base – Le blacn de Chanel
2. Foundation – Vitalumiere Aqua B20
3. Powder – Vitalumiere Powder B20
4. Eyebrows – Tarte Eye brow Mousse – Medium Brown
5. Eyeshadow – Chanel Quad #mystic eyes
6. Mascara – Lancome Hypnose Star #Black
7. Lashes – eBay (find a link… soon)
8. Eyeliner – Lancome Artliner #black
9. Bronzer – NYC #sunny
10. Blush – Chanel blush horizon
11. Lips – NYX Matt Nude lipstick + MAC tangerine lipstick (I always like to mix lipsticks)

What I am wearing:
1. Earrings – Juicy Couture
2. Sweater – Artizia
3. Necklace – Juicy Couture
4. Ring (Pearl + Flower) – Forever21
5. Midi ring – Top Shop

My Hair Care Routine for Long & Healthy Hair (highly requested!)

My Hair Care Routine for Long & Healthy Hair (highly requested!)My Hair Care Routine for Long & Healthy Hair
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The Milbon Liscio was invented and received approval of the Japanese government in 1996 for its unique thermal reconditioning formula.
In 1998 Shinbi International, now Milbon USA, brought Liscio to US and it was patented in
the United States and since, has developed the reputation of being the leading Japanese hair straightening or thermal reconditioning system.
Liscio Japanese Hair Straightening system delivers silky and healthy shine while retexturizing your hair without any damage.
Versatile finishes from Silky straight to smooth curls.

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Haul | Maquillalia & E-beautycare

Haul | Maquillalia & E-beautycareXX Produtos Mencionados Loja Maquillalia XX
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XX Produtos Mencionados Loja E-beautycare XX
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All About Skincare & Beauty Tips

All About Skincare & Beauty TipsHey guys!

Many of you requested an updated skincare routine video but this time, I wanted to cover more. Skin shouldn’t just be about the products you use on your face. It’s also about lifestyle and diet as well.

I start my day with my skincare routine and I end my day with my skincare routine. It’s not a chore to me because I love it and it’s become part of my everyday lifestyle. I see it as a pampering treat.

There’s a misconception out there about me. Some of you think I have perfect skin (or near perfect). Trust me, my skin isn’t perfect. The camera and lighting can be so deceiving. My skin will never be perfect but it has improved a lot throughout the years. I guess it just took years for me to realize what works best for my skin.

Today, I’ll be sharing my skincare routine with you guys, I’ll also be sharing tips that I swear by to keep my complexion happy and also my skin massage routine to help lift and slim down the face.

I’m not skin expert, I’m just a girl that’s very interested in beauty & skincare like a lot of you guys out there. Does skincare HAVE to be a lot of effort? It can be I guess but not nessecary. I think cleansing and moisturizing is most important. Does everybody need 6-7 products on their skin? I guess not. Everybody is different and some will need to put in more effort, some don’t. As you can tell, I put in quite a lot of effort but I enjoy it. I know my skin will never be perfect because it’s not in my genes but let’s just work with what we have and try to make the best of it.

There’s days when I get bad skin too. I just try my best not to let it get to me. Stressing about it and touching the face repeatedly just makes things worse. I realized the best thing to do is to let my skin heal in it’s own time. As I get older, I realize it’s all about hygiene, diet and lifestyle too. Not just the products.

This video is pretty long because I tried to cram a lot of information in. I hope you guys don’t mind but will find it helpful swell.

I also hope this video inspires you to enjoy your skincare rituals.

Take care guys,

Much love, Bubz

Ps. I bought all products used in this video. Just encase you guys are wondering if Aquamoist sponsored me or something lol. I genuinely LOVE all the products that I mentioned/used in this video. Your trust means most to me.

Pps. I know you guys are gonna ask where I bought my products. I get them from my local beauty stores such as Sasa, Watsons and Mannings. You guys can check out Aquamoist from or I’m sure you can get Olay products in most drugstores.

Ppps. Still trying to work out the lighting/focusing in the new apartment. Grr at the blurry scenes. It’s so hard for me to tell with the tiny screen. Help?!


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