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In Home Child Safety

Steps can be taken to ensure that various components around your home are safe for youngsters. For example, baby walkers can become very dangerous for children, as they can result in children falling ........ Read More

Study Children To Survive

Different governmental and non-governmental research centers conduct studies regarding environment, technology, mass media affects on children’s behavior, health, attitudes and self- development. Un........ Read More

The Value Of Jigsaw Puzzles For Very Young Children

Jigsaw puzzles have a lot of educational value for children of all ages. This is because to do a jigsaw requires a child to use several different aspects of the thinking process. A baby learns to re........ Read More

What About Alabama Child Support!

Alabama Child Support In order to receive Alabama child support you must first establish child support. In order to establish child support in the state of Alabama, you must make sure you have ........ Read More

Gifts For Children

When it comes to finding gifts for children, you have a lot of choices. The amount of stuff in the stores can be overwhelming, and your children may tell you they want everything. You may also be fa........ Read More

Cruise Holidays With Children Or Without Children

So, you have been working hard. You’re tired and need a vacation. Does this sound like you? After a long period of dealing with the pressures of work, a relaxing cruise could be just the thing you n........ Read More

Child Car Seats

If you have children, or are planning to have children, one of the most important thing you need to think about purchasing is a car seat. There are many child car seats to choose from, and making sure........ Read More

Pinworms In Children

Pinworms develop as a result of unhygienic habit of not washing hands before having food. They are small worms who resemble to small thread pieces and cause itching in the anus area. Pinworms infect........ Read More

Character Education And Its Benefits To Our Children

The Definition Character education involves teaching children about basic human values including honesty, kindness, generosity, courage, freedom, equality and respect. The goal is to raise children t........ Read More

Pneumonia In Children

Pneumonia is the infection of the either one lung or both. When both the lungs get infected it is known as double pneumonia. When the pneumonia is mild enough that the visit to the doctor can be avo........ Read More

This Year, Let Your Children Fail In School

Throwing a safety net under a kid is tantamount to slinging a noose around his neck. Everyone wants kids to succeed. All adults want children to become responsible, independent learners who grow to m........ Read More

Praise: Can Too Much Damage Your Child's Self-esteem?

For the purpose of this article, I’m making a distinction between praise and sincere admiration. I see praise as an attempt to manipulate another’s behavior for your own ends. When you praise some........ Read More

Golf - Teaching Your Child How To Play

More children are learning to play golf today than ever before. A big reason for this is Tiger Woods. He has taken the sport and popularized it among children of all ages. What used to be a boring gam........ Read More

Children In Need, Not Misdeed

In the Philippines, there are more than 36 million people under 19 years old who are living in utterly inhuman conditions. About a million and a half children are estimated to live on the streets. The........ Read More

Fun Museums For The Child In All Of Us

If you are bringing young ones on your visit to San Francisco, you've probably wracked your brain trying to find activities and events that will not only be fun for them but also provide much needed........ Read More


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Baby Clothes Baby Clothing Baby Shop Baby Bedding
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