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Some of My Favorite Beauty Care Products – Tanya from MajorMustHaves

Some of My Favorite Beauty Care Products – Tanya from MajorMustHavesAfter receiving multiple requests Tanya reveals her go-to beauty care products and talks about what makes each of them so unique.

Tanya goes over a total of 6 different products starting with products that are aimed at keeping your face looking natural and healthy, moving on to products for your hair, and finally products for your body.

Her first product is from Dr. Miracle’s Feel it Formula, the Strengthen Daily Moisturizing Gro Oil in the 4 oz. container. This is a product Tanya has turned to to keep her hair looking and feeling great for nearly 5 years. It is by far her favorite oil and it is definitely considered a staple in her beauty regimen. This product is not only good for those times when you scalp is a bit dry but has the added bonus of actually making your hair grow faster.

You can find Dr. Miracle’s Moisturizing Gro Oil at the link below:

The next product in her line up is Bed Head Manipulator. She actually recommends this product to her clients because it works so well. This is great for dealing with edges that have gotten sweated out or become wavy. Some of you have no doubt turned to wax to deal with the issue, unfortunately wax has the side effect of building up in your hair. Tanya found a work-a-round with the Bed Head Manipulator using a toothbrush on the edges. It has very little build-up and makes the waves look tamed and polished. Pressing your hair again and again on a regular basis results in breakage and that is not a desirable outcome. Fortunately, thanks to the Bed Head Manipulator it doesn’t have to be an issue anymore.

You can find Bed Head Manipulator at the link below:

Moving on to facial products Tanya’s first must have in that arena is the Bobby Brown Intensive Skin Serum with SPF 40. She literally will not leave the house without putting sunscreen on her face. In fact, since Tanya was 18 she has been using sunscreen on her face every time she leaves the house and claims it is a major factor in keeping your skin looking young and healthy. As an added bonus protecting your skin from the sun will make the dark spots that can develop from acne less noticeable. Tanya feels so strongly about sunscreen that she says it is the most important tip she could ever give you in your entire life.

You can find Bobby Brown Intensive Skin Serum at the link below:

The next product she highlights that is guaranteed to produce favorable results is the Sunbeam Golden Bronze Complexion Highlighter by Benefit. She will sometimes apply it to a damp beauty blender and sponge it on.

As a compliment to the Sunbeam Golden Bronze Complexion Highlighter by Benefit she will also use the Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer #46, for those of you not as familiar with the Chanel line that’s lip gloss. She uses the #46 because it is a beautiful deep purple color with shimmer which is complimentary to her natural coloring.

You can find the Chanel #46 Lip Gloss at the link below:

Moving right along to products for the body Tanya focuses on a product to make your legs dazzlingly gorgeous. As many of you already know just working out isn’t enough to get show stopper legs that stop guys dead in their tracks. In addition to working out and focusing on toning Tanya uses Josie Maran Body Butter to give her legs that extra shine and tone that makes them really come to life. She turns to this product for special events, especially if they are going on at night, and also when shooting pictures.

You can find Jose Maran Body Butter at the link below:

The other product she turns to on a regular basis is Body Bling by Scott Barnes. She will mix about a nickel sized drop of the Body Bling with a scoop of the Josie Maran Body Butter and use that on her legs to give them an uncanny level of smoothness, while also getting all the benefits from the Body Butter. The combination of the products together gives your legs a healthy, natural glow. Anytime Tanya knows she’s going to be showing off her legs you can be sure she’s using her special formula.

You can find Body Bling by Scott Barnes at the link below:

Now that you know the secrets to Tanya’s stellar look you have no excuse to not look stunning the next time you leave the house. If you have go-to beauty products you use, or any suggestions, questions, or comments please feel free to leave them below.

Thanks so much for watching and stay tuned for more videos to come soon!

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